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The Rooftops

- 1/4/00 -

Ok, You've seen the film, you've got the T-shirt, you've even played as them with skins. But haven't you always wanted to be able to do super-human jumps across skyscrapers like in The Matrix?

Well, you can now, with my first Half-life map!

The action takes place at night on a number of tall skyscrapers. There are plenty of Long-jump packs scattered around, allowing you to leap gracefully from building to building

Being at night allows for lots of stunning lighting as well, making the level visually impressive too.

Read the readme file

Download the level

Click on a screenshot for larger version

The full view of the rooftops

Inside one of the buildings

A shot from one of the buildings

Another room

Another view across the level

A view you won't want to see :)