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The Slaughter Station

- 1/4/00 -

You're flying through space, millions of miles from earth, when a rogue asteroid punctures your main air tank. Almost all the oxygen was wiped out, in fact there is now only enough air for one crew member to survive the journey!

How will you decide who will live, and who will die...?

Easy, by blowing each other away! how else? ;)

Small note: The host should execute the consol command 'sv_gravity 80' for the best effect!

Read the readme file

Download the level

Click on a screenshot for larger version

Outside the Slaughter Station

A view out the window of the sun over a module

The long shaft connecting the floors

Inside the supply control room

The huge exercise module

Down into the engine room

The crew quarters

A nice view out a window

The main deck

Inside the primary computer module